Talking Trash: A Junk Art Exhibition

“Talking Trash: A Junk Art Exhibition,” features two Arizona artists Shari Keith and Claire Ploppet Johnson, who utilize found objects to create vibrant contemporary pieces of art. Being environmentally conscious, these artists manipulate discarded material into new and exciting compositions, showing that just about anything can be transformed into a work of art. Using common day objects, such as buttons, sunglasses, and stones, Keith creates patterns allowing the viewer to see beyond the objects intended purpose. Ploppet Johnson, on the other hand, uses scraps of glass, broken mirrors, and road signs to show that even broken items can be repurposed to create something whole. In “Talking Trash: A Junk Art Exhibition,” Keith and Ploppet Johnson definitely let the trash do the talking, allowing us to see the world around us in a new light.

This exhibition is set to open June 3 and run through October 1, 2022, with an opening reception June 3, 6-9pm, and is located in FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery off Portland Street. You can view this exhibition without appointment Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm by stopping at the FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel’s front desk. You can RSVP to the opening reception of this exhibition, June 3, 6-9pm, on the FOUND:RE Phoenix Eventbrite.

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Shari Keith: AKA The Junk Lady, transforms junk into treasure. She is also a teacher and enjoys providing creative experiences. You can find more on the artist at The Junk Lady (

Claire Ploppet Johnson: Is an Arizona artist who collects broken material, turning them into brilliant works of art. You can find more on the artist at WELCOME | Ploppet Art Studio