“Black & White” Call for Art

FOUND:RE Contemporary is looking for artwork in all mediums for their next exhibition “Black & White”.

 FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel welcomes a diverse range of artistic expressions, including but not limited to painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, and digital art. Artists are encouraged to delve into the rich tonal and textural possibilities of black and white, exploring the dynamics between light and shadow, form and composition, and the contrasting emotions evoked by these timeless hues

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FOUND:RE Phoenix and FOUND:RE Contemporary have partnered with ARTLINK to offer an elevated art experience. As part of this collaboration, local artists create one-of-a-kind pieces displayed throughout the property.  Intricate original pieces of art are featured throughout the property, from guestrooms to public spaces, as well as large-scale murals, and video art showcased on a six-story exterior video wall, and a free standing art gallery, FOUND:RE Contemporary.

FOUND:RE Phoenix’s artistic community has only grown since opening. Continuing the partnership with ARTLINK, we have embarked on a unique collaboration for multi-disciplinary artists-in-residence at the hotel. This program is intended to foster and support artists in various disciplines, from diverse backgrounds, and at all stages of their career. A rare artistic undertaking, inspired by growing art programs in Phoenix and the downtown Art District as a haven for creatives.

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General Submissions