Joanna Proffitt

The photographs included in this show are from the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest held every February at The Heard Museum in Phoenix. Modern hoop dancers dress in beautiful regalia and use hoops to symbolize animals, birds and the earth. This athletic art form is truly captivating to witness.

Bio: Joanna Proffitt is a photographer and artist from Arizona. Born in Chicago, she moved to the southwest in early childhood and grew up in Glendale, Arizona. She earned a BS from Arizona State University and studied photography at Glendale Community College. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the state including in galleries such as Shemer Art Center, Art Intersection and West Valley Art Museum. It has also been seen in publications such as The Sun and Phoenix magazine.
Joanna Proffitt’s work is inspired by the rich culture and beautiful, vast landscapes of the American Southwest. Using photography as her medium, she explores the region and all that makes it a unique and picturesque corner of the country.