Iris Ortega

Iris Ortega is a local portrait artist that specializes in large portraits painted in acrylics on canvas. Currently her focus is Iconic Musicians, She listens to the music of the musician she is painting and utilizes the musicians creative process to fuel her own.

Artist Bio: After being placed in a foster home and being adopted at a young age, Iris began drawing and attending art classes from elementary school, thru high school. She began her Art Education at
Virginia Commonwealth University, studied for three years under Calvin Klein Figurative artist Donald Early and finished with a bachelor of Fine Art at Arizona State University.

Art has always been a constant element in Iris’s life, she painted and drew as a child because it was her escape from reality. After college, Iris paints today because she loves the feeling of security and peace art has given her throughout her life, and having the ability to create art that allows the viewer to escape from reality (even if for just a few minutes), as she did as a child.

Iris has collaborated with several different valley restaurants concepts, she had an “ICONS” solo exhibition at EVO in Scottsdale, her Kobe painting is featured in PHOENIX magazine October 2020 Edition, has a large contemporary painting at Guac star, and several paintings at Pita Jungle that revolve around the Valley. . Iris posts future showings, events and progression videos of her paintings on her social media pages, and is currently accepting personal and
professional commission work