First Friday Performance Night

Found:re Contemporary will be hosting a performance night featuring three local artists and musicians and is free and open to the public. Event can be found in Found:Re Phoenix Hotel’s Gallery 1 & 2 space.

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First Friday Performance Night – April 2nd, 2021, 6pm – 9pm

“Healing the Deep” by Katharine Leigh Simpson; 6pm – 9pm

Katharine Leigh Simpson is a multidisciplinary artist, who’s work expresses the delicate beauty of impermanence. Using predominantly paper and organic materials, she creates energetic depiction of spirits present in nature. The dance of life and death are inherent in existence. When creating Simpson believes she is reincarnating the once dead trees and plants into their next life.

In the performance, “Healing the Deep”, Katharine Leigh Simpson invites the viewer to participate by placing an item from one of the baskets onto the altar. She then in turn weaves the offerings into an ever-growing, red tapestry to celebrate rebirth and everlasting spirit. It is this transference of energy, from death back into life, that echoes the mystery of creation and allows participants to be involved in the process.

“The Quest to Make People Feel Whole Again” by SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo; 7:30pm – 8pm

Exquisite sound, outstanding musicianship and inspiring performances are the hallmarks of SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo (Laura Strickland, flute; Alex Mack, guitar). Known for their sensitive interpretations and polished presentation, SoSco Duo has distinguished itself as one of the preeminent small ensembles in Arizona. 

Program Theme: “The Quest to Make People Feel Whole Again” 

Music allows us to navigate big, invisible pieces of ourselves and rearrange them so we can express our feelings even when we don’t have the words.  

We recognize that people often enter our concerts with minds that are confused, hearts that are overwhelmed, and souls that are weary. It is our quest to use our artistry to help people feel whole again.  

This concert will feature soulful original compositions, weaving together the musicianship of Laura and Alex as creators and performers. You will experience the true power of music as they perform pieces which reflect their musical passions and artistry.

“Invitation to Connect” by Diana Calderon; 8pm – 9pm

Diana Calderon (b. in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1981) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Phoenix, AZ. Calderon’s artwork investigates her ancestral roots and journey as an immigrant. Exploring barriers and borders physically and spiritually as well as concepts of human connection are important to keep in mind when she creates. 

“Invitation to Connect” is an audience-interactive performance where Calderon investigates disconnection and connection. The viewer is invited to connect, or to become a “conectee” and to become a part of the art. As she stands still behind a transparent wall, her left hand rests on the glass and her right hand holds a pencil. Through this she initiates connection and allows the participant to either accept or decline. Once a connection is made and without distractions, Calderon draws a section of the face of the “conectee” directly on the glass wall to document the connection.