Water/Air: A Visual and Audio Landscape Show

“Water/Air: A Visual and Audio Landscape Exhibition,” featuring artists Shomit Barua, Ann Osgood, and Brianna Voron, is the second of two landscape exhibitions at FOUND:RE Contemporary, spotlighting how natural elements are used to create art. Bringing together two elemental forces, “Water/Air” celebrates how the forces of nature can be used to create conventional and unconventional landscape art. Through the use of watercolor and acrylic (element of water), painters Osgood and Voron are able to capture the seemingly mundane and the extraordinary through the movement of water and painting medium. Using another element (air), sound artist Barua maps different types of spaces through sound waves. This includes both a digital landscape and a surround sound piece that is responsive to its environment during the opening of the exhibition, September 25, 6-9pm.

This exhibition is set to open September 25 and run through November 27, 2021, with an opening reception September 25, 6-9pm, and is located in FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery off Portland Street. You can view this exhibition without appointment Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm by stopping by FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel’s front desk.

You can RSVP to the opening reception of this exhibition, September 25, 6-9pm, on the FOUND:RE Contemporary Eventbrite.