Tal Dvir

Artist Statement: In my paintings, I’m striving to engage fresh thoughts and ideas. My subjects contain mainly figures but not limited to as I truly see myself as a renaissance painter who seeks for new forms of artistic language within the painting field. I see my work as a process of constant reinvention and although working with paints on canvas, at times my work could be described as sculpting and designing with paints. As my art grows mainly through realistic features in subjects, I keep searching for new forms and ideas. My process includes working from life, reference photos and imagination supported by studies and sketches prior to the actual work. I never use any modern tools to assist my creation process, it is always based on the traditional work as I believe painting intended to be. I can say my art lives in the fine line of expressing thoughts, emotions by creating impressionism realism combined with surrealism and abstract, which are all truly the inspiring essentials for my creation, start to end.

Bio: I was born in Israel. After my 3 years in the Israeli army, I took formal art classes at Meimad art school for two years in addition to two years at Kalisher art school, both in Tel-Aviv, Israel.