Shifting Perspectives: A Digital Art Exhibition

“Shifting Perspectives: A Digital Art Exhibition,” features two Arizona artists Talia J Dudley and Reed Hearne, who both explore motion in their art. Dudley uses lines to create movement in her work. She wants to guide the viewer along a pathway: ascending and descending staircases, while following the passages in and out of these tender structures. Her work reveals a journey, a beginning and an end, an entrance to an exit, sometimes moving rapidly and sometimes very slow. Hearne’s work depicts motion by showing the viewer multiple perspectives through his process of manipulation, making the eye dance over the picture plane, and creating an illusion that imitates the way we experience objects and motion in the world. “Shifting Perspectives” reminds viewers of the dynasticism that can be found in a two-dimensional work of art.

This exhibition is set to open October 7, and run through December 31, 2022, with an opening reception October 7, 6-9pm, and is located in the FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery off Portland Street.

Talia J Dudley is a full-time studio artist whose work focuses on the architecture of the unconscious and subconscious mind. Exploring different techniques such as long gestural strokes juxtaposed with bold mark-making helps her to create a disoriented mindscape. You can find more on the artist at

Reed Hearne is an artist, photographer, and published fiction writer. Photography is his primary tool; but instead of freezing a recognized subject for posterity, he often creates new and utterly distinct content out of the visual components of what his camera captures. The works in this show came to life by identifying and celebrating the dynamism implied through multiple perspectives uncovered during the process of manipulation. You can find more on the artist at

The opening reception for “Shifting Perspectives” will be held on October 7th, 6-9pm. To RSVP, please use the link below.