Kris Manzanares

Artist Statement: Kris Manzanares’ painting style is influenced by underlying thoughts of feminism and research on the brilliant women artists of the world. The looseness of her brush strokes, the layers of paint applied and scraped away, and her color palette are all aspects of her paintings that she considers when creating works that depict not only a body, but a body with movement, emotion and soul. Manzanares aims to paint in such a way that acknowledges and celebrates the women artists that have come before her.

Bio: Born and raised in the green woods of Maryland, Kris has always felt most at home when she is creating. She moved to Phoenix after graduating from the University of MD and began her career in Graphic Design soon after. After several years designing for
the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, she returned to school to study sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she also gave birth to her daughter in 2000.