Diane Silver

My artwork attempts to navigate the mysterious and complex languages of memory and solitude. Each being fragile, ephemeral and constantly shifting. I work intuitively and often combine writing with imagery to evoke past recollections. My art is created using a
variety of media such as graphite, charcoal, oil crayon, and acrylic paint. I use gestural marks as well as more delicate fine writing to create impact and intimacy. I am drawn to words both for their visual beauty and as a means of connection. My paintings capture
fleeting moments in time, and they reflect my feelings, dreams, hopes and memories.

Living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and hiking the beautiful trails creates a space that allows me to be completely present in the moment and to listen to my inner voice.
Breathing in the stillness and peace of the natural environment nourishes my creative spirit and allows me to explore the elusive memories and vanishing dreams that inhabit my internal world.